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Pearce Area Band Club (PABC)

What's the PABC?​​​​

The Pearce Area Band Club, Inc. (PABC) is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization formed to promote and support the growth and development of the JJ Pearce High School Area Band Program; to raise funds for and distribute such funds to the Pearce Area bands; and to provide support for the activities of the Pearce Area band students.  It is not associated with the Pearce Athletic Booster Club which shares the same acronym (PABC).

Who makes up the membership of the PABC?

The PABC membership is comprised of parents, guardians, students, and directors in the band programs at JJ Pearce High School and its feeder junior high and elementary schools. So, what does the PABC do? As parent volunteers, we publicize the band and PABC events and activities, we chaperone, we raise money, we coordinate, we build, we drive trucks, we schlep, we provide social events, we serve food to the band students, we coordinate uniforms, we plan trips, we provide financial aid, we work with the band directors, we collect the funds that allow the JJP bands to exist, and so much more. In other words, we enhance the experience of our band students and help the MMB operate. And along the way, we learn, we change, we work with old friends and we make ones of our own.  We consider our organization to be the best, biggest, and friendliest parent organization that supports students on the Pearce campus.​​

How can you get involved with the booster club?

There are many ways to get involved with the PABC!  Nothing is more rewarding than volunteering to help and support the MMB - click here to learn more about volunteering!

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