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Help Support the JJ Pearce Mighty Mustang Band!

Remember when anyone could afford to be in band? Sadly, that has changed.

JJ Pearce MMB fees are lower than most competitive bands. Still, rising costs and shifting demographics are presenting an uncomfortable challenge. Every kid belongs in band, but not every family can afford it. This year, about 25% of our families have applied for financial assistance. And that number is rising. Families facing the greatest challenges are often the best candidates for the benefits of the band program. We fundraise and partner with the community to bridge some of the financial gap, but the challenge remains. If you're so inclined, if you believe band is important, and you want to assist with those financial gaps, please select a donation level below.

If you would like to choose your own donation amount, please use this button:

We are truly thankful for your generous contribution to our JJ Pearce Mighty Mustang Band, as we could not have a program of this caliber without the continued support of the Pearce community!

Donations are tax deductible, and a receipt can be provided upon request.


Please contact if you would like a receipt.

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