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Email (PRESTO)

Please be sure that your email address is updated in your account along with all your other information so that you receive emails from the band. 


Text (BAND App)

Please be sure that you have joined the BAND app and are receiving messages from the band staff. Reach out to Ms. Chmura ( with any questions!


Follow the Band on Twitter! Getting on Twitter is free, super easy and very quick. You can delete the account anytime. It's as private as you want it to be.

  1. Simply download the free Twitter app from the App Store or Google Play

  2. Pick your "handle" (username)

  3. Supply a name and email address

  4. You're in!

Click the magnifying glass (SEARCH) icon to find @jjpmmb, and press "Follow". Now you can see all the great pictures and updates that have been posted about the Band and Guard. You'll also be able to see tweets by others that the PHS Band is mentioned in. Don't miss out!  Follow us and be part of the fun!


JJ Pearce Mighty Mustang Band


"Like" the Band on Facebook!

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